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Billing Increment Callout
Argentina1/10.75 cents/min
Canada6/60.44 cents/min
China1/11.77 cents/min
France1/11.07 cents/min
Germany1/11.29 cents/min
India1/13.78 cents/min
Italy1/11.22 cents/min
Korea (South)1/11.46 cents/min
Japan1/13.69 cents/min
United Kingdom1/10.86 cents/min
United States6/61.04 cents/min

Find more rates Voip service of other countries. Please look here.

Call any number anywhere in the world

Your friends and family don't need the app for you to call them. Ringer just works.

Unbeatable, pay-as-you-go pricing.

When you make call we show the rate($/m) for that country so you can own your call fee.No monthly fees or hidden charges of any kind.

Quickly connect with your contacts

Your contacts will be automatically converted into international numbers. You don’t need to update contacts for making call

"What time is it in the location of incoming calls?"

You can see your contacts local time inside the app before you make that call.